Industrial Consulting

With over twenty years of construction experience, we at McPhost have see many methods and processes. When the opportunity comes for us to recommend a solution to our customers. We analyze all of the relevant factors. We take great pride in the recommendations we provide to you. After all, our reputation is at stake.

McPherson Kansas Construction Consulting

We work closely with your engineering group or managers to determine all of the considering factors of your project. Mcphost will work with you after the initial design to correct any errors or last minute changes.

Besides consulting, we will assemble job books that outline the total project along with drawings/prints. The job book, in many cases, also serves as a scope for contractors to bid from.

If we need to provide the engineering, we have certified professional engineers that are capable of almost any design task.

No job too small for us to do. We take smaller jobs just as serious as our larger projects.

Collaboration Server

  • McPhost has a Collaboration Server for its projects.

  • The Collaboration Server is a one stop repository for all items per project. Our users as well as the customer can add, edit and review information within the system. This ensures that all involved are up to date on all aspects of the job.

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