Electrical Design

With over 20 years in the electrical field and 15 years in the design build industry, we have the ability to recommend and design a system tailored to fit your exact needs. Weather the desired system is 36,000 volts or 10 volts, we can handle your electrical project.

Industrial PLC, SCADA, Instrumentation Electrical Design
  1. 24VDC Systems
  2. 4-20 ma Devices
  3. 1-5 Volt Devices
  4. High Frequency Devices
  5. Analog devices
  6. Proprietary Communication
  7. Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  8. Switch Gear
  9. 120VAC - 36,000VAC Systems
  10. Load Breaks
  11. Stress Cones
  12. Instrumentation
  13. Flow Computers
  14. PLC
  15. SCADA


Collaboration Server

  • McPhost has a Collaboration Server for its projects.

  • The Collaboration Server is a one stop repository for all items per project. Our users as well as the customer can add, edit and review information within the system. This ensures that all involved are up to date on all aspects of the job.

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